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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Jordan and Petra Rum

No, that's not what we were drinking, but what we were seeing...

We arrived in Jordan and headed to a resort on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea (with a very nice corporate rate from some of Genia's colleagues from her time there). She headed straight to the pool overlooking the Dead Sea, and it was obvious she had been there before...

After a nice mud bath and floating in (on?) the Dead Sea, we headed to Petra so that I could live out my Indiana Jones fantasies. It was truly magnificent to see this spectacular work of human hands, and I would say that the ruins in Petra rival even the great ruins of the Pyramids in Egypt.

We traveled from there to Wadi Rum to visit some of the spectacular desert scenery in the area where Lawrence of Arabia lived among the Beduouins. Truly spectacular scenery on a very large scale, which is probably some of the most beautiful desert scenery any where in the world.

Jordan was a nice place to visit, and the people were very friendly. English was widely spoken, and most people would nod that they were happy that we were speaking Arabic, but then just launch into perfect English. Jordan is a small country, and a quick visit will allow for lots to see.


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