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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Blue Tunisia

All of our memories of this very beautiful country can be summed up in the magnificent blue hues that emanate from all angles as one travels through, from the wonderful reflection of the Mediterranean to doors and shutters of houses throughout.

This was one Mediterranean country that almost helped Brian get over his pessimism towards the Mediterranean. We spent a lovely few days touring around, and found the country quite affluent and very comfortable. For a few moments, Genia was wondering if she would go back to Cairo... All in all, it was great to visit but we did miss the chaos of Egypt, and, let's face it, no where on the Mediterranean can compare to the Red Sea...

We did enjoy trying our Arabic, as well, although French was much more prevalent. Why did spend so much time cutting up in French class in 9th grade?...

There was a great deal to explore in Tunisia, and this short blog can hardly do it justice, but we did enjoy Carthage as well as the Arabesque town of Sidi Bou Said. One very cool stop was a Kerkuane, a Phoenician town abandoned after its destruction in the 200s BC. It was never reinhabited, and the excavation left an indelible impression of the affluence and high standard of living of the wealthiest Phoenicians living in Africa at that time.


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